Medicinal Plants And its Uses With Scientific Name

  1. Syzygium Polyanthum Leaves Benefits To Cure Chronic Diseases
  2. Mimosa Pudica Health Benefits To Cure Asthma And Virility
  3. Anredera Cordifolia Health Benefits To Cure Skin And Eyes
  4. Portulaca Oleracea Skin Benefits, Whitening And Anti-Wrinkles
  5. Moringa Oleifera Tea Recipe To Treat Diabetes Mellitus
  6. Muntingia Calabura Health Benefits For Cholesterol And Diabetes
  7. Coughing Up Blood Natural Cures With Cordyline Fruticosa
  8. Orthosiphon Aristatus Tea, Cat Whiskers Health Benefits
  9. Avocado Leaves Tea Recipe For Kidney Stone Cleansing
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  11. Dysmenorrhea Home Remedy, Herbal Tea For Menstrual Cramps
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  13. Gonorrhea Herbal Cure, Treatments For Chlamydia In Males
  14. Cogongrass Roots Extract Benefits In Experiments
  15. Cogongrass Health Benefits, Herbs To Treat Gonorrhea Or Syphilis
  16. Lantana Camara Benefits And Medicinal Uses In Asia
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