Tuberculous Lymphadenitis Treatment Home Remedies

Traditional tuberculous lymphadenitis treatment, herbs made from Amaranthus Spinosus roots has widely used since hundreds of years ago. The roots also used to treat ulcers, to treat hemorrhoids, to treat eczema, swollen gums, increase breast milk, tuberculous lymphadenitis treatment, fever, warts, burns and poisonous snake bites. The leaves benefits used as a paste for skin care, such as to treat acne and burns, and the roots extracted to diuretics.

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How To Treat Anemia Naturally With Bloodleaf Herbs?

How to treat anemia naturally with Iresine Herbstii herbs? Iresine Herbstii or Chicken Gizzard is a species Amaranthaceae family.

Iresine Herbstii is a flowering plant species in the Amaranthaceae family, other named Chicken Gizzard or Bloodleaf. Iron content in Iresine Herbstii higher than other vegetables, cytochrome composers, proteins in photosynthesis, very useful for people with anemia.

Red blood cells contain hemoglobin which is useful for transporting oxygen from the heart coming from the lungs. This process delivers red blood cells to all parts of the body. Patients with anemia have concentration of hemoglobin (Hb) less than 13.5 g/dL or hematocrit (Hct) is less than 41 percent in men. And Hb concentrations less than 11.5 g/dL or Hct are less than 36 percent in women. If anemia occurs for a long time, Hb concentration is very low before symptoms appear. Asymptomatic symptoms of lethargy, shortness of breath, especially during the activity, head feels light, palpitation, pallor, decreased immunity.

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Averrhoa Bilimbi Herb Recipes For Skin Care And Side Effects

Averrhoa Bilimbi herb recipes for skin care, whitening, to treat canker sores and brighten red on the lips, and side effects. The ingredient recipe also used for other skins, apply on your hands and feets to get the same benefits. Benefits of Averrhoa Bilimbi mask for beauty and skin care are:

  1. Brighten your skin and also to treat acne.
  2. Lifting dead skin cells, and cleansing the facial pores.
  3. Treating skin fungus, such as rhinor, ringworm.

Other benefits also to treat canker sores on the lips, and brighten red on the lips. Here’s Averrhoa Bilimbi herb recipes to treat other diseases:

  1. To treat thrush, cough and sore throat
  2. To treat diabetes mellitus, diabetesweight lossto lower cholesterol

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Averrhoa Carambola Leaves Benefits To Treat Cancer And Skin

Averrhoa carambola leaves benefits and medicinal use to treat cancer and skin diseases has used since hundreds of years ago.

  1. Averrhoa Carambola to treat scabies, ulceration
  2. Averrhoa Carambola recipe to treat boils
  3. Averrhoa Carambola recipe to treat cancer

The pharmacological effects of Averrhoa Carambola leaves are chelity, neutral, anti-inflammatory, urinary, to treat fever. Stems and leaves are acidic, so it is potentially against cancer spreading to your body. Averrhoa Carambola leaves recipes to treat cancer and skin diseases is very easy and a good herb at home.

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Pluchea Indica Recipes, Uses And Benefits For Woman’s Health

Pluchea Indica recipes and benefits for woman’s health, leaves to treat some diseases, benefits to kill the bacteria that cause odors and fungi.

Here’s how to process Pluchea Indica leaves to treat lucorrhea (fluor albus), eliminate body odor, get rid of bad breath, and inhibit bacterial growthPluchea Indica recipes to treat joint pain, lumbago and to treat rheumatism, stiffness:

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