Then the ability of aspirin to be improve, even more powerful than regular aspirin against cancer. The researchers say these results suggest that the chemopreventive effect of aspirin due to the blocking of the Proneoplastic (which supports the abnormal growth such as cancer). And platelets support the potential of Aspirin-PC or PL2200 as a chemopreventive agent that is effective and safe for colorectal cancer, and others such as breast cancer.
Scientists plan to test the safety and efficacy of Lipid-aspirin in people at high risk of colorectal cancer. Consumption of low-dose aspirin is very useful for chemoprevention, Aspirin-PC/PL2200 has a chemopreventive action similar to low-dose aspirin to prevent colorectal cancer may be more effective.

Source: Aspirin To Prevent Colorectal Cancer, How It Works?


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